Question from Anonymous

Anonymous asks:

During an interview with World's Finest, Christopher Jones stated that in Young Justice #22 '"Match mutates into the Young Justice Bizarro (my design)"' and that in Young Justice #24 it's '"Batgirl vs Match/Bizarro'".

Is this true?

Greg responds:

Check out the comic and see for yourself.

Response recorded on May 25, 2016

Question from Mia Carla

Mia Carla asks:

Hi Greg, I was wondering if anyone has taken and posted any video to your panels at Gallifrey One and Long Beach Comic Expo ? I live on the east coast so I look forward to videos of your panels

Thanks for your time.

Greg responds:

I think so. I seem to recall that one or two were on YouTube. I don't keep track of that stuff, but you might ask fellow fans in the Station 8 Comment Room.

Response recorded on May 24, 2016

Question from Windona

Windona asks:

I've been a fan of yours since Spectacular Spider-Man, then to YJ, and then to watch Rebels. (And the fact that hearing you were working on Rebels got me to watch the Star Wars movies again and TCW series which led to me becoming a major Star Wars fan means I have something else to thank you for!) After watching the Rebels finale, I have a few questions.

1) Now, Rebels was destined to be different from TCW; different eras in the Star Wars universe, the Ghost crew debuting in Rebels versus TCW having a few main characters like Padme Amidala from the movies. However, is there anything in particular that you directly influenced?

2) What research did you do for your job on Rebels? Like DC and Marvel comics, there's obviously a lot of material on Star Wars out there that can be drawn from, but there's also a much more official level of 'this is canon' versus 'this isn't' due to the movies and the Disney reboot, so I'm curious if you chose to draw from the Legends continuity at all.

3) Maketh Tua- she seems really into the Empire, willing to do under the table things for it, and makes a casual reference to the Lasat genocide. Yet she seems extremely horrified when the Inquisitor executes Aresko and Grint, and appears to be the most shocked of them all. Is that the first time she witnessed the violence of the Empire versus just hearing about it?

4) And the most controversial question of all: what was your opinion on the Star Wars prequels?

Thank you for answering! I can't wait to read the first issue of the Kanan comic; he's become one of my favorite characters fairly quickly, and I doubt that feeling will lessen any time soon!

Greg responds:

1. There's a lot I influenced in Season One. Not in a vacuum or by myself. But as part of the team of producers and writers.

2. I rewatched all six movies and started to work my way through Clone Wars - though the difficult schedule on Rebels interrupted that process.

3. Probably.

4. I'm a big, BIG fan of episodes IV and V. The rest don't thrill me quite as much, which is not to say I didn't like them.

Response recorded on May 24, 2016