Question from Anonymous

Anonymous asks:

1. In Before the Dawn who voiced the dark haired boy in the red and white shirt standing to Tigress' left?

2. What is his ethnicity?

As shown here

Greg responds:

I'm sorry. I don't remember. And I don't have my recording script here at my Nickelodeon office to even attempt a guess.

Response recorded on August 24, 2016

Question from Nehuen

Nehuen asks:

Mister Weisman , I am a boy of 15 years of Argentina,from now excuse me if my English is very low expectation,I wanted to tell you about your tv series called "Young Justice",You and your team did a wonderful job, i love dc universe and everything that includes superheroes but you changed my life, I was a rebellious boy to my task not spend much time in the streets, when I saw the TV series left shocked after I saw his first season change radically thanks to you now consider myself a better person. Thank you so much for doing that, but now I am really sad because the third season of Young Justice will not occur and the truth that can make a lot of money had a very open-ended and all your fans, fans of the series want to Somehow or another they finish making the third season and more seasons if you can, if not enough money to do the show through the internet that much encerio love that series, cried with the death of Wally, cry with death sagebrush and I blame you for that because there was dead lol, I appreciate you have made this series and brother want puedieras continue to produce more this season, and if not well at least answer me. I admire command you health and peace for you and the whole team of "Young Justice"

Greg responds:

Hi Nehuen,

I'm very gratified that the series meant so much to you. And, if it helps, I think there is a decent chance of getting the series back. We're asking all the fans to binge-watch YOUNG JUSTICE on Netflix. I don't know if you have Netflix in Argentina or if YJ is on it, if you do. But if so, please watch the show over and over. It will really help us get it back.

Response recorded on August 24, 2016

Question from Anonymous

Anonymous asks:

1. Out of universe was anyone else considered for the position of the enforcer for the Light besides Deathstroke?

2. If so, who?

3. At what point did you know that you wanted to use Deathstroke as the enforcer for the Light in Season 2?

Greg responds:

1. You mean besides Sportsmaster? No.

2. See above.

3. 2010, I think.

Response recorded on August 24, 2016

Question from Anonymous

Anonymous asks:

There is a poster of Aqualad in Gar's room during Image.

1. Since Rocket had debuted in May, was Gar aware that there was a public figure called Rocket before Image?

2. Out of the public figures, Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Rocket, was Aqualad Gar's favorite before Image?

Greg responds:

1. I don't know.

2. It seems so. But honestly, I don't even remember the Aqualad poster. I can't confirm it's existence.

Response recorded on August 23, 2016

Question from NietzscheIsDead

NietzscheIsDead asks:


I noticed while watching Young Justice that Roy shoots his bow right-handed but keeps his armguard on his right arm, as if to shoot left-handed. I had originally meant to ask you why that was, but I think I have figured it out: is it because he is skilled enough to not need an armguard for shooting right-handed but has one on his right arm in case circumstances force him to change hands? This presumes that he has less practice overall shooting left-handed, or at least feels less comfortable in his ability to do so safely.

Greg responds:

I like your reasoning!

Response recorded on August 23, 2016



Hey there folks,

I'm about to depart for Wizard World Chicago Comic Con:

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 North River Road
Rosemont, IL 60018

Here's my schedule:

03:00pm - 08:00pm - I'll be at BOOTH A31, where I'll be selling copies of my novels RAIN OF THE GHOSTS and SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM for $10 each. If you buy both, you get a free RAIN OF THE GHOSTS print, illustrated by Christopher Jones. I'll also be selling CD sets of the RAIN OF THE GHOSTS AudioPlay for $30 This is an unabridged four hour production with 20 actors (including Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Ed Asner, Vanessa Marshall, Jim Cummings, Steve Blum and more), a full original musical score (by the composers of YOUNG JUSTICE and THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN) and sound effects. It's like a four hour movie in your head! Buy the CD set and you also receive a free print. If you ONLY want the print, it's $20. Plus I'll also be selling original Christopher Jones art prints of YOUNG JUSTICE and GARGOYLES for $20 each. Finally, I'll be selling copies of my animation scripts (from series including GARGOYLES, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, YOUNG JUSTICE, STAR WARS REBELS and many others) for $20 each. All transactions are cash only. Signatures - if you bring something for me to sign - are FREE!

BOOTH A31 12:00pm - 06:00pm

BOOTH A31 10:00am - 06:00pm

Here's the description: Accomplished comics writers Greg Weisman (Gargoyles; Young Justice), Dean Haspiel (The Fox; Beef With Tomato), Jai Nitz (Dream Thief; El Diablo for Suicide Squad) and Danny Fingeroth (How to Create Comics From Script to Print; Spider-Man) talk about how to put together a compelling comics story. Plus, they'll answer your questions about both the creative and business sides of the comics writing profession, including how to find an artist to work with (hint: a comics convention is the number one place!) and how to write exciting dialogue!

BOOTH A31 10:00am - 02:30pm

Description: 2016 is a landmark year for three key comics characters. 75 years ago, WONDER WOMAN debuted in 1941, establishing herself as the first important female superhero! 60 years ago, in 1956, the modern FLASH first appeared, starting not only his own career, but ushering in what has come to be known as "The Silver Age of Comics!" And in 1966, 50 years ago, the BATMAN "camp" TV series debuted (starring Adam West and Burt Ward), marking what is seen as both a high and low point in the history of the character! Comics and animation writer/producer Greg Weisman (Young Justice; The Batman) and comics historian Danny Fingeroth (Superman on the Couch; Disguised as Clark Kent) take you on a slideshow-guided tour of the histories of the heroes and the highlights of their careers in comics, on TV and in the movies! Join the celebration! .

Hope to see you there!

Rambled on Wed, August 17, 2016