Question from El Garrote

El Garrote asks:

In the episode "Homefront" and "Infiltrated" Robin/Dick Grayson uses a WayneTech override code "RG4". Does the RG stand for Richard Grayson? Also do the other members of the Bat Family have similar override codes (e.g. AP# BW# TD#)?

Greg responds:

Yes, "RG" stands for Richard Grayson. Other codes for other individuals logically exist, though I won't go into specifics.

Response recorded on September 28, 2016

Question from Andres

Andres asks:

On YA was it someone specific or collaboration to use or create a new Aqualad and make him the team leader?

Greg responds:

By "YA," I assume you mean YJ.

In any case, the creation of Kaldur'ahm was a team effort between Phil Bourassa, Brandon Vietti and myself. As for making him the leader of the Team, it just felt right.

Response recorded on September 28, 2016

Question from Just a Nerd

Just a Nerd asks:

Rewatching Salvage in season 2 of Young Justice. Question came to me.

How did the League figure out the crystal Appellaxian could redirect sonic attacks? Among the original seven (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Flash, Aquaman, and Manhunter) there is no one with sound-based powers. If Black Canary had been part of the original team, maybe, but how else?

Not trying to be confrontational, just curious. Thank you for your time.

Greg responds:

Batman tried to shatter it with his bat-horn (which is like a bullhorn, but bat-themed). Boy, was he sorry he tried that. Could be why we haven't seen him use it since!

Response recorded on September 28, 2016

Question from Luck Wraith

Luck Wraith asks:

Dear Greg
Alex Hirsch used to respond when people asked him about Gravity Falls merchandise that Disney actually kept track of every time someone went into a Disney store and asked for merch from a specific brand. Do you think it would be worth a shot to try asking for Gargoyles merch this way to show Disney that there's still interest in the brand?

Greg responds:

Couldn't hurt.

Response recorded on September 27, 2016

Question from Charisma82

Charisma82 asks:

Hi, Greg! It's been several years since I've posted, but these questions came to me while I was getting ready for work this morning and I wasn't sure if you'd ever commented on them before. In Eye of the Beholder, Goliath says that he has no love for Fox. Does this feeling change at all upon him learning that Fox is Halcyon Rendard's daughter? I'm not saying that I think this would make Goliath start liking her more, but I would think there might be a change of feeling/heart since Goliath regards Renard as a close friend (so instead of seeing Fox as someone he doesn't care about at all, he might see her in a different light due to Renard being her father). So this leads me to the following two questions:

1) If there was a change of feeling, what was that change? (How does he feel about her once he learns she is Rendard's daughter?)

2) If his new feelings were more positive towards Fox (if his feelings did change), then did those positive feelings have anything to do with Goliath's decision to stay at the Eyrie Building? Of course when Xanatos offered Goliath and his clan a ride back to the Eyrie Building to get away from the police, he took the ride to save the clan. But when they got to the Eyrie Building he had to make the decision of whether to stay there or not. I'm sure there were several reasons for them to stay, but was Fox having Renard as her father one of those reasons?

Thank you for your answer and your time, I know it's precious.


Greg responds:

I think you're overthinking Goliath's statement about Fox in Eye of the Beholder. Taking it too literally. But...

1. More than anything, it's probably just a reminder to him that life is full of nuances. There's very little black and white.

2. No.

Response recorded on September 27, 2016

Question from Allie

Allie asks:

1. Can Jaime's scarab translate non-verbal languages, like American Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, etc?
2. And what about village sign languages, like Inuit and Hausa sign language?
3. Can the scarab translate ancient and dead languages too?
Thanks for answering!

Greg responds:

1. Once the scarab's learned them.

2. Again, not without learning them, but once he has, then translation's fairly instantaneous.

3. See above.

Response recorded on September 27, 2016

Question from JEK

JEK asks:

I know you've said on multiple occasions that your favorite stand-alone episode of "Gargoyles" is "The Mirror" and that you are also fond of the multi-parters. Was there a particular multi-parter arc that you have as a favorite or are they all about even? Thanks in advance.

Greg responds:

They're all pretty close to even. Of course, there's no show without "Awakening," so...

Response recorded on September 27, 2016