Question from LynnL

LynnL asks:

Hi Greg!

About Zatanna's Glamour Charm:
1) Is the Glamour Charm an ancient magical object or just a gem Zatanna made a spell on?

2) If so, in "Depths", when Wally asks, Dick says something like "Glamour Charm, Courtesy of Zatanna. Physio-morphic spell, I think. She said it backwards." So is it safe to say that Nightwing was there when Zatanna performed the spell?
3) Do all Glamour Charm look the same? I ask this one because Ra's recognized it in Summit
4) Is it too hard to make a Glamour Charm? Could Zee have done it back in season 1?
5) Has Zatanna worked with Doctor Fate after she joined the League?

Greg responds:

1. I'd lean toward the latter.

2. Yes.

3. They all have something in common, certainly.

4. Probably not.

5. No spoilers.

Response recorded on July 25, 2016

Question from Harlan of Ash and Foam

Harlan of Ash and Foam asks:

You answered this question recently,

And I'm here to respond to your question. I actually had NOT suspected Renee, and here's why (minor Spirits spoilers, I guess?):

It's not the first time for your work to feature important, lead characters who're advertised right up front to not actually appear until later: Artemis, after all. It essentially occurs again when Miranda features heavily in the synopsis for Rain of the Ghosts but is really a small, supporting piece of worldbuilding to pay off later. So it didn't seem odd to me that Renee would be introduced in, and become important during, book two while reasonably being a lead who was planned to feature from the very beginning.

Cash makes more immediate sense, and I'd at least suspected him. But my other guess was actually a small cheat: the three Kimlets as a singular unit.

The Kimlets themselves are very episodically important, but are spoken of in a way that feels pretty thematically important to the direction the series seems to be going. I'd wondered if you, often describing them in the book as a singular unit, had given them some more thought to take them even more in line with the (speculated) importance they may have to the wider series arc.

Greg responds:

It feels like we're talking about two slightly different points.

The ORIGINAL point was that there were two characters in the book, who - when I broke the story originally - each had very minor roles. Two characters, who separately asserted themselves into more substantial supporting roles that will continue to play out as the book series progresses. The Kimlets do NOT fit this particular bill, as they pretty much played exactly the role (in the final draft) that I intended them to play when I first broke the story.

You seem to be making a separate point about what's thematically important to the book. I won't deny their thematic importance. But it wasn't a surprise to me.

Response recorded on July 25, 2016

Question from LynnL

LynnL asks:

Hi Greg, I've been reading the archives and I have a question about Aquaman:
1) Here (, you said Aquaman and Black Manta have been fighting for at least 16 years, but 16 years before season 1, Aquaman was 13. So have they been fighting since they are kids or it's just a continuity error?

Greg responds:

Well, Manta was in his early twenties. Orin was a kid. But I think my point was that Manta has been at odds with Atlantis that long.

Response recorded on July 25, 2016

Question from Matt

Matt asks:

Hi Greg,

Today I was reflecting on a few instances in my life where I had to make difficult choices: the easy road or the right road. I can specifically remember thinking about integrity in those moments, thinking about Renaud's "What have I become?" versus Demona's "What have they done..." Ultimately, despite the difficulties, I tended to do the right thing and tell the truth, both to myself and to others. In one case, this resulted in me being fired from a job.

The reason I'm telling you this is that, while I had some excellent role models growing up who showed me integrity, it would be unfair to say that Gargoyles didn't have a strong influence in my youth that would lead me to become the man I am today. I am now a teacher of elementary school students and see many young people with and without strong moral role models. In either case, it is clear to me that they are very influenced by the movies, TV shows, celebrities and social media in their lives. And it is my hope that mixed into all the stimuli they are receiving the kind of moral reinforcement that I had in Gargoyles. I am very grateful to you and your peers for creating a program that I not only wanted to watch, but that made me a better person. There is a lot of red tape that goes into public school education, and I know that in your field there is a lot of that too. But I wanted to encourage you to remember the impact you can have on young people. It is not all about ratings and toy sales and demographics. You have the power to guide the adults of tomorrow. You certainly helped to guide me.

Keep up the great work! And thank you from a lifelong fan.

Greg responds:

You just made my day. Thank you.

Response recorded on July 22, 2016

Question from LynnL

LynnL asks:

Hey Greg

1) What year was Dan Garrett and how old was he when he died?

2) This will probably be answered with a SPOILER REQUEST NO COMMENT, but I'll ask anyway. Is the original Black Canary alive? If no, can you tell me how did she died? I mean, natural causes, a disease, death by supervillain?

3) How do superheroes who don't wear mask conceal their identities? In some versions, John Stewart and Guy Gardner are public heroes and Black Canary wears a wig.

4) Black Lightning and Plastic Man wear goggles, do those work as masks?

5) Where do the Hawks live? The Watchtower, maybe?

Thank you for your time

Greg responds:

1. Dan Garrett was born in 1915 (which I assume is what you were asking).

1a. He died in 2005. I'll let you do the math.


3. I think in a universe where Clark Kent disguises his face with eyeglasses, it takes very little to keep your identity secret from strangers.

4. I think i n a universe where Clark Kent disguises his face with eyeglasses, goggles work just fine.


5a. No.

Response recorded on July 22, 2016

Question from Cam

Cam asks:


I hope this question doesn't sound too nitpickey, but, I've been reading the archives and came accross something of aninconsistancy. I'll start off by refreshing your memory of this exchange beyween you and another poster:

"matt writes... what would happen at dawn if Demona put on a Mayan sun amulet? would she turn to a human or remain a gargoyle?"

"Greg responds... I think she'd turn human. But I don't think she'd be able to nap."

Now, you've also said before, when refering to magic, that Children of Oberon magic (ie. Puck's spell on Demona) does not mix with mortal magic (ie.the Myan Amulets)...and that both types of magic cannot be used at the same time or on the same object (ie. on Demona during the day), or the results would be disasterous.

My question is, in this specific scenario, why would both magics affect Demona (Puck's spell turning her Human & the Amulet preventing her from sleeping) without something more disasterous than a bout of insomnia?

It seems to me that, if anything, the magics would cancel each other out and she would remain a Gargoyle and turn to stone.

Greg responds:

I think it's fairly clear I was joking, when I wrote: "Greg responds... I think she'd turn human. But I don't think she'd be able to nap."

As for the actual answer to the question, my current answer is that it seems like a highly unlikely scenario, and I'm not particularly interested in hypothetical questions. But if it were to happen, I'd have to answer with NO SPOILERS.

Response recorded on July 22, 2016